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3 “Gronk” Strategies Anyone Can Learn About How To Save Money Like A Frugal Millionaire.

For example, I use cash for groceries and household items. Branch out and try new brands when they are on sale of course! Eating out is a huge culprit of overspending. Reduce the amount you are eating out and switch to eating at home whenever possible.

3 Simple Steps to Pay Off Debt when You’re Broke

I use The Dinner Daily meal planning service because they help me with dinner ideas based on items on sale at my local grocery store that week. You can get a 2-week free trial of The Dinner Daily here.

You can also try repurposing leftovers into a new meal. Have leftover spaghetti noodles? Try turning your noodles into something other than spaghetti for dinner then next night. If your tap water is subpar, invest in a nice filtration system.

How To Budget And Save Money Like A Frugal Ninja

This is a small step that also helps in the long run. By paying bills on time you avoid running into extra late fees or higher interest rates on credit cards. Contact your service providers for TV, internet and cell phones to see what specials or better packages they have to cut back your bill. You might also contact your insurance providers to see if they have a way to save money on your premiums. If you go with a higher deductible, be sure you have enough saved in your emergency fund to cover the deductible and avoid financial trouble in the future.

I know not everyone has patience or time for coupons, but there are plenty of coupons available for items like toothpaste, laundry soap, dish soap, shampoo, toilet paper, deodorant, razors, etc. I like to have a stockpile of household, pantry and freezer items. This allows me to wait for the sale before I buy items for my rotation.

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For example, laundry soap can be pretty expensive. The same can go for pantry items like cereal. I use a coupon and a sale, then buy enough to get me through to the next sale. She would have been better off financially to upkeep her car on a regular basis. The same goes for your health. Take care of yourself and get regular checkups to prevent major health or dental problems that could've been prevented.

This includes anything from used cars to used clothes. The same holds true in reverse. Sometimes used items will not last long. I was driving my daughter to school by the same route for a couple of years. One day there was a horrific snowstorm and I was sure she was going to be late for school. I decided to check Google Maps on my smartphone to see how long it would take to get to school.

Sure enough it would take 40 minutes instead of I also learned that even in regular everyday traffic, this back way will still save me time, and therefore gas money. I now check Google Maps frequently and have avoided accidents, construction and other traffic delays. Double win!

Know Why You’re Doing It

And, he was only 29 years old! Plenty of millionaire athletes have notoriously mismanaged their finances. And they ended up broke, busted, and disgusted. And even corporate billionaires are not immune to financial disaster. Going from mega-rich to mega broke or even prison in some cases has to hurt! Well, good news! There are some simple, frugal tricks Rob has used to keep his finances on track. This is so brilliantly simple that it should go without saying!

I guess it does need saying after all. Not to mention, the tens of millions in endorsements. And there are some things you can do to live by a similar practice as Rob, despite not having millions. For example:.

How To Live Frugally and Achieve Financial Independence

The good news is that you can retrain yourself to want less. And most athletes choose to spend it! They begin shelling out dough for everyone and their grandma. And that is where they run into trouble! On top of that, they also spend lavishly on palatial mansions, fancy jewelry, and luxury cars. As if the money will never end!

Aye Yai Yai! Yes, he can party with the best of them. I was able to witness the Rev.

100 Ways to Save Money

Al Sharpton give a sermon in person. As a surprise to me, he was dynamic, engaging, and quite funny. And one of the most interesting things he said, is that he hangs around with rich friends whenever he can. At first, you might think that he was bragging. But actually, he was quick to mention that he has nowhere near as much money as they do. But that he likes being in the presence of rich, smart people. He was joking about that last part of course! But his point was this — if you want to learn how to be rich, then you should be around people who are rich.

He gets his money savvy advice and inspiration from money savvy people. And how he lives a frugal lifestyle compared to others with his type of wealth, that is. But you may still be wondering what exactly are Gronkonomics? So they enlisted him to educate customers with practical advice on how to save money. Being able to retire at whatever age you choose would be a dream come true for anyone. And having millions of dollars in the bank would be the icing on the cake. However, as you can see by the millionaires that lost it all, money can also be easy come, easy go. So learning how to save money by being frugal is just as important as earning it in the first place.

Because he may be all about his party jock image on the outside. Which tip will you start today to help you live a more frugal but comfortable lifestyle? Drop me a comment below. We can really put away a beautiful retirement fund if we stick with this concept.

We have to recondition ourselves to strive for affordable comfort instead of extravagance…which leads to no debt and less stress. Such good tips! I love reading about others that practice good money management and how they do it. This was a great blog post, DeShena! Starting an emergency fund is so crucial because you never know what can happen! Thanks for sharing your suggestions! I totally agree Kesha!

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Auto-deduction is definitely your friend in saving more! So just know that it is possible and keep saving as much as you can. Thanks for sharing!