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Picking a Linux Distro

The Cinnamon interface bears a strong resemblance to Windows, which helps make it comfortable for users moving from the Microsoft operating system.

Both come with a big range of software pre-installed, including an office suite, browser, and multimedia player. If users would prefer an alternative, other applications can be installed through their graphical package managers. Linux Mint has become a popular Linux distro, but Ubuntu still has the larger community overall. This big user base boosts the system's stability, and also gives it the widest range of online support.

Regular releases of Ubuntu are rolled out every six months and are supported for nine months. Long-term support LTS releases come out every two years and include five years of support. It does tend to follow that of Ubuntu though, coming out a month after each new release from its predecessor. System requirements are very similar.

#1 Learn-by-Doing Cloud Training Platform

The latest version of Ubuntu at the time of publication, The latest version of Mint, Both Linux Mint and Ubuntu are free and open source distros that are popular choices for newcomers to Linux. Each is highly customisable and suitable for any device, making them also good options for experienced users and a wide range of uses. Linux Mint has the edge for users transitioning from Windows due to the familiar feel of its interface.

Ubuntu has a has a clearer upgrade system and bigger community of users, which means it has more online support across forums and tutorials. Linux Mint's community is smaller but substantial. Linux Mint provides an excellent desktop experience and is also a good choice for powerful laptops. Here are the latest Insider stories.

Linux is everywhere – and will free your computer from corporate clutches

These give you the tools to track and categorize every dollar related to your professional life. Alternatively, you can still use whatever online service you like 5 Worthy Cloud-Based Accounting Apps for Your Small Business 5 Worthy Cloud-Based Accounting Apps for Your Small Business In an industry that has traditionally been dominated by expensive and resource-hungry desktop programs there are now an ever increasing number of lightweight yet powerful cloud-based apps.

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We pick five worthies. These offer plenty of features related to running a small business, such as payroll. These free Excel spreadsheet templates are the tools you need to manage your money. But how easy is it? So once you make the switch, you can expect your computers to remain usable for much longer.

How to choose the best Linux server for your business

The world of Linux desktop environments has dramatically changed since then. Gnome 3 was born, Gnome 2 was essentially thrown to the side, Gnome 3 was forked to create Cinnamon, and so on. However, Gnome The same is true of apps. Photoshop is the most popular image editing app out there and GIMP is the best free alternative to it. Which should you use?

Top 4 Reasons to Use Linux - Business or Personal - Linux VS Windows

Read More over a dozen years ago, and the interface remains largely the same. No longer a matter of downloading, burning, and hoping for a compatible WiFi card, these laptops, new and old, are your best option. Read More , and you know all of the hardware will work.

Why Ubuntu Linux Is a Good Business Choice

Companies that sell Linux pre-installed, such as System76 or ZaReason , will send you a fully functional machine. In my case, Windows Live Writer was the only accepted way of submitting content. It's called dual-booting, and it gives you access to two of the best operating systems on the Neither approach is as complicated as it sounds. One answer is to use Wine, but while it can be very useful, it probably should only be your last resort. Here's why.

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  • Your mileage may vary. If your job requires you to use a specific Windows-only app for nearly all of your work, you might as well use Windows.

    Ubuntu vs Linux Mint: Which distro is best for your business? | Computerworld

    And if you only need a computer to manage the financial side of your work, then yes, using Linux just makes plain financial sense! If you're one of them, you're going to want to read on. We're going to talk about how to move What about you? Have you used Linux to get serious work done?

    Are you considering making the switch? Your email address will not be published. Shame on you Apple. For content creators wanting to make the switch to Linux, I recommend Ubuntu Studio. It comes with all of the latest cool content creation apps pre-installed. Even if you're not a content creator, it's a stable, supported Ubuntu distro that won't let you down.

    It's available as a live-cd so you can boot it up and test it out without forever changing your PC. If you don't like it, remove the disk or flash drive and reboot back into your old OS. Ubuntu Studio is one flavor I've never tried. It's good to see that people are getting value out of it. I have been using Linux since ' I can never go back to using Windows personally I'm in the IT department for my company, and of course! I find using Linux a liberating experience, and would imagine if a lot of people could find a job where they wouldn't need Windows in order to get paid.

    I am grateful to be in a position where I get to choose which operating system and tools I use to get work done. Of course everyone can their Job just using Linux, I'm a professional engineer and my background is water treatment design. MakeUseOf OneDrive vs. Productivity Windows OneDrive vs. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter.