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The Prophecy

The Azor Ahai Prophecy.

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What is the prophecy? Stars will bleed. And that sword will be Lightbringer. The mythological figure Azor Ahai is the one who forged the sword Lightbringer.

The Prophecy of Three (Realm Walkers, book 3) by Donita K Paul

According to the oldest texts, Azor is destined to be reborn in order to fight back the apocalyptic, freezing darkness, aka the White Walkers. Between Thrones and the book series it is inspired by, George R. Azor 2. What episode should you watch to understand the prophecy?

R29 Original Series

Who could it apply to? Dany easily checks off all the gimmicky Azor qualifiers. She was born on the salty, smoky island of Dragonstone. Only the Prince Who Was Promised can bring the dawn. This POPWWP prophecy is separated from Azor Ahai because different people use different phrases, they have different backstories, and the jury is split on whether these two legends speak of the same person or two entirely separate heroes.

The Valonqar Prophecy. At one point during the illusion, Rhaegar turns to Dany and says, "There must be one more.

The dragon has three heads. The Targaryen sigil is a three-headed dragon. Do all three represent the dragon riders who will bring Westeros under Targaryen rule once again? Another smart bet would be on any child Dany could have with Jon , sealing the Targaryen bloodline for the future. The ceiling has been absolutely destroyed. What could it apply to?

Or, it could hint Dany has to symbolically go through the Wall, a place deeply connected to Jon Snow, to return to Khal Drogo and her son. This clearly refers to Bl.

John Paul II. So, all these fulfilled individual prophecies weigh heavily in favour of the truth of the overall prophecy, to which there is still more. On the day itself or the day after her last apparition on November 13, , Conchita told Albrecht Weber of Germany, who was in the village at the time, that the pope will go to Moscow. Since none of the popes so far have done that, it seems that it refers to the present pope.

What we also know is that such a trip will be crucial since the Tribulation will break out immediately afterwards and Conchita has said that these things: Tribulation, Warning and Miracle will come one right after the other.

What Is Cersei's Prophecy on Game of Thrones?

But how do we go from three more popes to a pope going to Moscow? The answer is that Conchita did not receive the full revelation all at once. It was only later that she learned a pope would go to Moscow. But what about Benedict XVI, how does he fit in all this?

If Conchita was told about all the above mentioned popes she must know about him as well but has declined to say anything publicly.

Fr Eusebio Garcia de Pesquera, author of She Went In Haste to the Mountain , had in his possession for his book, a lengthy interview Fr Materne Laffineur conducted with Conchita in , but he did not publish everything and said some of it was not for now. Perhaps it dealt with this subject.