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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes. Cassie has found the woman of her dreams. When she tells her best friend -- and former lover -- Sophie, Cassie recounts several… Meer. Some secrets aren't meant to be kept. Serina and her lover Georgia find this out during a night of lovemaking. Serina begins by… Meer. Palace of Desires is a decadent nightclub advertising all sorts of kinky, erotic pleasures. But when I first agree to go with my… Meer. Everyone wanted to be with Candice, and I was lucky enough to be the one she wanted. So because she was lacking in her sexual… Meer.

A collection of five erotic short stories with explicit sexual male on male action including fisting and anal penetration. The Fist… Meer.

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes and explicit sex. Sophie finds it difficult to lose her inhibitions, even with her lover Mary. So when sexy neighbor Julie suggests she come over… Meer. I couldn't wait to tell my friend Julie all about the sexual spanking I'd been invited to witness. As I went into sordid detail… Meer.

This collection of smoldering hot erotic stories was written for women who aren't afraid to read what other women get up to when… Meer. Who would think leaving lemons with your neighbor could be so fruitful? When Marcia drops in on her conservative neighbour… Meer. When Donna meets Laura at a friend's art exhibition, the attraction between the two women is immediate.

Both know exactly what --… Meer. Skipping class has never been this naughty! One college co-ed stumbles onto her best friend's sister, Sheila, during a tutoring… Meer. The… Meer. Sheila envies her friend Liza's tattoo but is too timid to get one of her own. When she hears Liza talk about how hot her tattoo… Meer. Erotic writers Eva Hore and Richard Hiscock bring you 17 red-hot reads.

Sizzling short stories, certain to please all palates. Julie's depressed because her lover Bethany is overseas and has told her to get on with her life. But how can she, when all she… Meer. Have you ever fallen for someone the first time you meet them? Eva Hore. Alle artikelen. The Big Freakout reviews Audrey Hepburn here, darling. As I lie on my deathbed, here in my elegant Swiss Chalet, I have but one regret.

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Rated T for dark themes, twisted values, and rock and roll. Everybody Comes To Heisenberg's reviews The greatest TV show of all time has all the romance, drama, and intrigue of the greatest movie of all time. But what if they were really the same story? Rated T for some violence and brief sexual references. Fifty Rejected Sharpe Titles reviews Attention riflemen! Grab a thesaurus and create your own Sharpe adventure!

Jane Seymour is just a stupid blonde and she's constantly scheming how to go behind Anne Boleyn's back. But how much is her triumph really worth? As the lustful king takes his pleasure, two beautiful women face the truth in very different ways. Rejected Star Trek Scripts reviews Just some over-the-top time-travel ideas from my computer that didn't work out.

Suspense Past Reviews - Coffee Time Romance & More

Please comment nicely if you'd like to see more! McCoy, Spock. Yet sometimes, late at night, Harry can't help thinking and dreaming of Anne. Feeling Hypnotized reviews Somewhere in time they've met before. Three cute little drabbles, all AU, some sexy and tragic, some funny and sweet. Please review and tell me which one you like best!

Queen Cersei has finally had enough of Margaery Tyrrell's perky personality, clever schemes and naked ambition. Margaery thinks she can handle the older woman, but over wine and conversation things take a most unexpected turn! Rated T for some mild femslash and some adult themes and language. Judgment At Dachau reviews Unforgivable evil happened here, long ago.

But as a new day dawns at Dachau Concentration Camp, a new kind of criminal meets his final judgment. Rated T for disturbing violence and adult themes. A man wants to wear his favorite mask and have some fun! Child's Play reviews Anne Boleyn's naughty behavior means trouble for her sister Mary - trouble she can't resist! Rated T for adult situations and sex to follow! Really follows the movie closely, but still has lots of original violence and horror!

Rated T for adult language, violence, and disturbing themes. Full Circle reviews In the last seconds of his life, Hank Schrader ponders what it really means to be a man. Rated T for language and brief violent images. Kurt Cobain's Klassics For Kids! King Lear as it might be told by Kurt Cobain just a few days after he got kicked out of rock and roll heaven. Rated T for sick, twisted humor and deliberate disrespect to rock and roll.

The Golden Leaf reviews Left at home while the Fellowship faces danger, Arwen dreams of making a difference. A mysterious gift comes to her in her sleep, offering her the chance for danger and romance. But will it prove a blessing or a curse? Now a continuing story!

Nucky's Endless Nightmare The world he built has crumbled, and his soul has taken flight. What horrific images haunt Nucky Thompson in those final seconds on the Boardwalk?

Tag: mystery

Based on the major events of Season Five, rated T for sex, violence and language. Seduced by the king, humiliated by the queen, tossed out of court like reeking garbage. The Last Sixties Chick reviews Cartman and the boys are sitting through another boring presentation at school - when suddenly the guest speaker freaks out and things become very psychedelic and bizarre. Rated T for South Park style violence and profanity! But as usual, Jax isn't sure his best friend can handle it! Basically it's every episode of Season One, only everyone acts retarded and there are a lot of stupid jokes about beer and sex.

Rated T for obvious reasons! Bruce's Boycott reviews Cartman's snide remarks about Mr. Garrison's sex change get the whole class in trouble - but then Bruce Springsteen comes to town, and things get ugly and twisted in a hurry! Rated T for mean jokes about aging rock stars, sexual prejudice, and for graphic self-inflicted violence with a knife! Brutus: The Rise To Power reviews Loyal son Brutus is shackled to his role as Rome's "noble man" - until he decides to break on through!

Will he succeed in his ruthless rise to power? Begins with the Season Two premiere. Rated T for steamy sex, violence, and language. Please review! Without Earmuffs reviews "Dear girl, you can't do that - it's like listening to the Beatles without earmuffs! Just a fun little story, rated T for adult language and implied sex.

The Stone Puritan reviews A stone Puritan is nobody's friend! Tons of humor and a few mild sexual references. Anybody's Unchained reviews No matter how hard she fights to fit in, Anybody's is still an unwanted outcast. But all Maria has to do is start crying and guys fall all over themselves to be nice to her. Well, this time it's gonna be different. Very different, get it? A brief, extremely violent story with a happy ending. Rated T for all the violence. Never Say Die, Uncle Hank! So when his bedridden uncle puts him down, the crippled boy snaps and takes revenge!

This is a dark and twisted story, with very disturbing violence, based on some classic movies and a brief Season 3 conversation. But one day his mind snaps and the Barksdale crew have no choice but to call his friends in to take him to a quiet place. This is a very funny story, but don't expect it to make much sense. Rated T for language. Unanswered Prayers reviews Lady Jane Rochford has a bad feeling about how Catherine's carefree reign of pleasure will ultimately end.

Rated T for talk of steamy sex! Eddie purifies rock and roll his way. I do not own Eddie Wilson. I'm just a dreamer! Damsels And Dragons reviews Now a continuing story! Miranda is falling for Andy, hard. But she's as icy as ever! Meanwhile Andy is confused by her feelings, both for Miranda and for a powerful older man with some dark secrets of his own. Will love win out in the end? Rated T for some teen humor and sexual references. A Runway Ghost Story reviews Andy's unsettling encounter with a ghost gets Miranda out of a real jam! No slash, but a lot of spooky thrills, plus a real look at Andy's resourceful personality, quick thinking, and her total devotion to RUNWAY magazine.

And to Miranda of course! Rated T for disturbing themes, and some profanity. Then one day Don Draper just snapped. He'd seen something happen, something vile. And instead of trying to stop it he'd done nothing. Nothing at all! This is an ugly and painful story, so be warned. Rated T for brutal violence, rape, and suicide. Also racial prejudice and hopeless despair.

Headache reviews Harry has told her they are through - and this time, he really seems to mean it. But even alone and in despair, Anne Boleyn has a few tricks up her sleeve! A very sexy one shot, rated T for steamy language and sexual references. Here's a story that's just like the show, raw and dirty and full of politically incorrect potty humor. Rated T for some pretty typical swearing! Why can't he get rid of the woman who excites him like no other? Harry's thoughts about Anne at the end of "Matters of State," put into modern and very sexy language with a little help from Mr.

Ray Charles! But when magic sends her to a strange world ruled by dinosaurs, she's forced to team up with the sexy dark prince. Can lightning strike twice? Skylar is giving Walt the evil eye and Jesse finally snaps. A short and powerful one shot. Rated T for brutal violence and language. This story is just like that - except the monster controlling the kids is not some fat guy but sexy rock legend Jim Morrison of the doors. Rated T for outrageous teen humor and fun! How Anne Boleyn lost her head and her heart to a voluptuous innocent with big boobs and golden-hair named Jane Seymour.

Rated T for wicked scheming and steamy royal sex! Cordelia Cuts Class reviews Spoiled, obnoxious Cordelia cuts class and unearths big trouble for Sunnydale! Will Cordy ever learn to care about others? Will Buffy save her in time?

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This story is set in Season One, prior to the events in Prophecy Girl. Rated T for safety. A Clockwork Zhena reviews Janelle was a criminal - brainwashed by the state to be the perfect wife. Frank Alexander was an angry man looking for answers. Their story is filled with passion, political intrigue, violence, hatred, and the ghosts of the past.

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Inga The Invincible reviews Pretty little Katherine Howard keeps getting into trouble - so the King finds a strict Swedish housekeeper to look after her. But there's more to Inga than meets the eye! The War Is Over reviews Rhett and Scarlett argue over some of her shady business dealings - and as usual dark-eyed, knowing Rhett gets the upper hand. A slightly steamy one-shot that is just for fun.

Smell My Fingers reviews Miranda gives Andy a quick lesson in time management, which quickly spirals into a series of steamy encounters! This is a very goofy story, and it's meant to be funny. So please review! Dying Felt Good reviews Dying alone in total despair, Buffy Summers remembers the cruel discovery that ended her reign as Slayer. A brief one-shot, rated T for black humor and some sexual content.

Arwen And The Sorceress reviews The saga is now complete! This is the story of how Arwen Evenstar journeyed south to the sinful city of Zin Zaraboob, how she overcame the foul sorceress Zuleika, and how she won the love of the fierce pirate Ling Kray. Rated T for some sensuality! The Highland Terror reviews Kolchak uncovers terror in the new sewer system - but the killer is wielding a Scottish sword from the days of Bonnie Prince Charlie!

Rated T for extreme potty humor and some sexual references. Vincenzo - Complete. A Most Amazing Girl reviews Andy's tender heart gets her in big trouble - and Miranda makes a surprising decision about her future. Politics, drama, and just a hint of heartwarming romance. Just One Glass reviews Just one glass of champagne sends Polly Parker spinning into an endless nightmare.

But is Polly really just an innocent victim? Chilling Twilight Zone horror, rated T for mature themes, drugs, sex and alcohol. Island of Lost Souls reviews Andy and Miranda run off to a tropical island together - only this island has some chilling secrets!

The Librarian Principle Audiobook by Helena Hunting

A totally shameless rip-off of an old horror classic, but with plenty of Andy and Miranda humor and warmth. Kalends Of February reviews Ever wonder what would have happened if Vorenus hadn't stupidly run home and left Caesar hanging? Then one holy night the two enemies form an unexpected bond. A loving wife, a beautiful queen, or a servant of the Lord?

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  7. A fun, fluffy sequel to the Book of Esther, featuring shapeshifting tigers, sexy palace intrigue and romance. Please read and review! Midnight Shift reviews Ever wonder what Nate thinks about Andy working late with Miranda night after night? Well, here's the answer - sexy, touching and of course very romantic. It's also a tribute to the late great Buddy Holly! A blues inspired songfic with steamy sensuality and adult situations.

    A warm, fluffy tale of friendship, forgiveness, and fun. But when she falls asleep, Robin is nowhere in sight - and cruel Miranda is the Sheriff of Nottingham! To Please A Princess reviews Andy. A black bikini. Need we say more? Adorable one-shot with very mild femslash. But hero-worship comes with a steep price - in the Twilight Zone!

    Adult situations and language, brief disturbing violence. But can the queen be true to her king, her people - and her God? No slash, but a lot of drama, and some surprising revelations. Cartman's Royal Drama reviews Cartman's sexy presentation on English history blows the lid off feminism's darker side.

    Meantime Kyle suffers through a dating crisis of his own. No slash - just South Park madness at its best! Intense violence, racial language. Blackfire 18