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The myths contain no mention of the 'Epirus Bow' the movie features.

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The closest thing is Hercules's bow, used to win the Trojan War. The Gods and Titans fought in a ten year war called the Titanomachy in both myth and movie.

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Hyperion never fought Theseus like in the movie. In fact, Hyperion is barely even mentioned in any myths. Phaedra was Theseus's lover in the movie, and his wife in a number of Greek myths and plays. Theseus fights Hyperion's army in the movie, but the only army he ever fought in the myths was the Amazons.

Theseus's fighting skills were always legendary. He single-handedly defeated the 50 sons of Pallas in the myths. Theseus's mother was the daughter of King Pittheus of Troezen in the myths. She was not a peasant like in the movie. Theseus did not find a bow, but he did find his father's sword under a rock in the myths. This sword was the beginning of his famed adventures.

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Theseus received special training in the movie. But the myths say he was strong because Poseidon was his real father. Probably AIA's most accessible album but by no means of any lesser quality than their previous releases. The pulse-pounding beats and attention to detail are all here.

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A guest spot from the one and only Psyclon Nine is worth the purchase alone. Highly recommended.

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